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Unparalleled Security Service - Navigating Risk with Expertise :

In an ever-changing international packed with uncertainties, proficient danger management is a lifeline for the sturdiness of any agency. At our Security Service, we are devoted to providing pinnacle-tier Risk Assessment Services. Our aim? To assist you in pinpointing, handling, and reducing risks that could jeopardize your business operations.

Holistic Risk Assessment

Our complete Risk Assessment service delves into an intensive analysis of your organization’s property, susceptibilities, and capacity threats. By expertise the possible influences on your business, we will craft a protection blueprint that aligns perfectly with your particular requirements.

Threat Risk Assessment: Identifying Potential Dangers

Our specialised Threat Risk Assessment provider is designed to discover specific threats that would derail your commercial enterprise continuity. We check each inner and external threats, ranging from cyber incursions to natural failures, and propose answers to defend your vital assets.

Security Risk Assessment: Fortifying Defenses

Our Security Risk Assessment service takes a step further than traditional risk assessments. We scrutinize your physical security arrangements, IT infrastructure, data security protocols, and staff security measures among others, to detect any weak spots. Our ultimate objective is to ensure that your security defenses are resilient enough to ward off potential threats.

Systematic Approach: Threat Risk Assessment Template

We employ a Threat Risk Assessment Template to streamline the risk assessment process. This template allows us to record each threat, its potential fallout, the probability of occurrence, and the counteractive strategies. This systematic method ensures that no potential threat slips through the cracks, enabling us to provide all-encompassing security solutions for your enterprise. At our Security Service, your safety is paramount. By choosing our risk assessment services, you take a proactive stance toward safeguarding your commercial enterprise continuity and success. Allow us to reinforce your commercial enterprise in opposition to the unpredictable dangers of day after today.

The Services which we provides:


Before joining our group, these protection guards undergo an in depth education application. They may be hired for quite a number services, which includes corporate security, loss prevention, mobile patrol, special events security, fire watch security, and private protection.

Every security guard employed by Transworld Security is obligated to successfully complete a mandatory training program. Our customized training initiative commences with a thorough orientation that surpasses the Ministry of Public Safety and Security standards. This orientation includes comprehensive training in first aid, CPR, and WHMIS to ensure our employees are well-prepared.


Following the orientation, we focus on customer service methods, stressing the importance of understanding and meeting customer needs and expectations. This knowledge is paramount for our employees.


After the orientation and customer service training, we involve our employees in continuous on-site training. This training aims to keep our staff updated on site policies, procedures, patrols, emergency protocols, and access control.


Our training program is crafted to promote professionalism and team building, covering various specialized areas. We provide a unique concierge training course that includes practical, real-world experience to enhance service delivery. Additionally, we offer supervisor training and Certified Protection Officer (CPO) training as integral parts of our comprehensive approach.

Our security services are applied across a broad spectrum of industries, encompassing hospitals, airports, museums, banks, retail stores, residential areas, warehouses, and commercial properties, among others.

Our services areas include Calgary, Toronto, Richmond, Coquitlam, Abbortsford, Langley, Burnaby, Surrey, and Vancouver.

Transworld Security provides a diverse array of services, addressing the needs of both residential and commercial clients with proficient security guards experienced across various industries. Our utmost priority is to ensure that each client receives the specific service(s) they request.


Within our security guard services, we cover various roles, together with a bicycle reaction unit, crowd manipulate, and hotel/concierge safety. Possessing exquisite verbal exchange skills, physical fitness, and sound choice-making abilties, our guards play a pivotal role because the initial point of contact for workforce and visitors entering a customer’s assets. We are devoted to helping our guards in improving their interpersonal skills at the same time as maintaining a vigilant and shielding attention of their surroundings.

Our team will collaborate with you to assess your specific situation and needs. Following this, a detailed and customized security service plan will be presented. Any guards or guard unit you choose to hire will undergo comprehensive preparation on all duties and procedures discussed in consultations between the client and Transworld Security. Our commitment lies in promoting clear communication among our management team, employees, and clients.

Our Security Guard specialists

“Our dedicated Security Guard specialists are highly skilled in maintaining vigilance, fostering clear communication, and upholding the utmost integrity, ensuring safety across diverse settings. With a commitment to physical fitness and adept problem-solving abilities, they navigate challenges while prioritizing exemplary customer service. Their keen attention to detail and adaptive nature underscore their crucial role in preserving overall security.”

Key Qualities for Security Guards:

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